I Share ‘Cuz’ I Care is a new and innovative charity, established by Ruff ‘n’ Tumble in Nigeria. It seeks to reinvigorate schools and classrooms, to support every child’s right to education, and to tap into the power of education to transform lives. Through well-implemented projects, creative fundraising and efficient management, Share ‘Cause You Care will earn a reputation as a reliable partner and positive force on the education sector in Nigeria


To contribute tangibly to raising the standards of education in Nigeria, while providing an outlet for Ruff ‘n’ Tumble customers to better understand and support their communities.


To improve access to quality education for Nigeria’s children, empower them to dream big and inspire them to make a difference.


I Share ‘Cause You Care is a children’s charity for a children’s brand. We see the value in fostering ambition and self-confidence, teaching social skills, and instilling a sense of responsibility in children.

We hope to nurture a new generation that has a developed sense of empathy, cares about their society and environment, and respects fundamental notions of human equality and dignity.


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iShareCuziCare Initiative
  •      Raising responsible leaders.
  •      To educate children on the values of sharing, caring and giving.
  •      To foster ambition and self confidence, teach social skills and instill a sense           of responsibility in Children.
  •      Nurture a new generation that has a developed sense of empathy,          cares about the society and environment and respects fundamental          notions of equality and dignity.
  •      Create a community in primary & secondary schools to help build          children’s creativity and talent.
  •      To support the less privileged in the society especially children.


I Share Cuz I Care Valentine Campaign 2017
The I Share Cuz I Care Foundation of Ruff ‘n’ Tumble on Valentine’s Day supported the Feed a Child Programme of the King’s Children Foundation to feed over 400 pupils of Temidire, Idi-odo and Ogo Oluwa Primary Schools in Gbagada, Lagos State. The event saw special meals being dished to each child alongside a special Valentine’s Day package consisting of a Notepad, A Cup-cake, A pack of pop-corn, A Bottle of Water and a Soft Drink.




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